first class of service

Access the cloud, offices, datacenters privately

MPLS VPN is the most preferred solution for inter-office connectivity among enterprises and it can also connect you to the cloud privately and securely


MPLS VPN runs over dedicated secure private tunnels isolated from public internet

High Performing Apps

With the class of service options, you have the full control of managing your traffic and users

Connection Type Agnostic

With MPLS VPN, you have a vast array of options for local access connectivity, be it ethernet, leased line, internet


Reasonable Pricing

MPLS VPN is cost effective as long as you know exactly how much bandwidth you need

Short Lead Time

MPLS VPNs can be delivered very quickly and efficiently no matter how many sites you would like to interconnect

Full Support

Since it is a managed service, you get the full support when there is any issue with the links or the devices

MPLS networks have been engineered for high reliability and low latency. Coupled with their ability to provide differentiated levels of service to traffic with different needs, this means MPLS networks can serve as a strong backbone to an SD-WAN. A good SD-WAN platform will only enhance such a solid and reliable network. It will use Internet capacity to keep less-critical, less-sensitive traffic off MPLS, reducing costs as capacity needs rise. It will use Internet to cover for problems on the MPLS network when they crop up.